Chiara Mattern is a 5'9 freshman guard out of Ramona High. This basketball season, Mattern has been a three-point shooting machine.

Mattern has averaged over 50% three-point shooting in five games this season, including games against Riverside City (.600), Santa Ana (.571), Cerritos (.556), Desert (.714) and Southwestern (.500).

In the game versus College of the Desert, Mattern went 5-7 on three-pointers, which is a 71.4% average! Additionally in the game against Southwestern, she sank five 3-pointers in a row for a 50% three-point average (8-16). Mattern went 60% against Riverside, with 3-5 three-pointers.

Altogether Mattern has 173 three-point attempts this season. Her free-throws have been very consistent this season also.

Mattern has an .863 free-throw average. She has made 44-51 free-throws so far, and has scored her team a total of 324 points this basketball season.

Great job Chiara!